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Report : Renewable Investments in Poland 2016 - Onshore Wind & Photovoltaic

The report at hand provides investors, banks and project planners with crucial information about the new Polish auction scheme for renewable energy sources (RES).


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What will Poland's 2030 renewables target look like?

Despite the provisions on the key share of lignite and hard coal in the energy mix, Poland will continue to increase the share of renewables also after 2020. To what extent – that is yet to be determined as haggling over the exact target share of renewables is still underway. Below, we present concepts that have been discussed by the governmental teams as well as the forecasts commissioned by the Economy Ministry.

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Polish RES auctions only in 2016-2018?

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland estimates that renewable energy auctions will take place only in the period between year 2016 and 2018. Investors can expect energy sales at 320-470 PLN per MWh. But the auctions may not be organized for everyone - according to information obtained by the Energy Legislation Observer of the website.

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